Atlantic Grove Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is working to forge partnerships with other healthcare organizations whose goals mirror our own – the enhanced health and fitness of America. Information regarding these partners can be found at our clinic.

Florida Atlantic University Team Doctor

Dr. Khatami has had the honor of working with Florida Atlantic University as their Official Team Chiropractor since 2009. He works with athletes from a wide variety of sports and can often be found on the sidelines for the Owl’s home football games. Dr. Khatami was given the honor of working the university so early in his career due to his perspective on injury treatment and prevention. His experience in a Division I locker room keeps him on the cutting edge of musculoskeletal conditions.

FAU Athletic Chiropractor - Dr Khatami - Boca Raton, FL

Frito Lay Prevention Physician

Dr. Khatami has had the opportunity to be a part of the ART Corporate Solutions program since 2009. Only physicians who have been practicing Active Release Technique for more than three years, and have been classified as an Elite Provider, are eligible to work in this program. He has had the opportunity to work with Pepsi Co, through their Frito Lay division, to reduce wear and tear injuries to their employees and, at the same time, save Frito Lay more than $1,000,000 in Worker’s Compensation costs over the two years. Only two to three sessions, on average, are needed to help an employee with an ache or pain that could have led to a recordable injury. Over 97% of the employees that Dr. Khatami has worked with have seen a decrease in their aches and pains.


Frito Lay Prevention Physician

Dr. Khatami has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of triathletes in his practice. Because of this experience and his proficiency with Active Release Technique, he was invited to be one of the physicians on staff for the 2011 Florida Ironman in Panama City, Florida. His continued work with Ironman athletes has earned him the Ironman Provider certification through ART.

Ironman - Affiliate - Dr Khatami

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